Lone Peak/Hardy Carbon Fiber 6.5CM


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Aug 4, 2013
West Central, Idaho
I’m listing this here because it’s complete. If I need to move it, please advise...thanks
I have a barreled action that I had spun up by Travis @ TS Customs.
This is a new barreled action and features a Hardy carbon fiber barrel
1:8” finished at 24” same contour as a rem. Varmint/sendero, so a stock is easy to find
Lone Peak Razor Short Action (right hand)
Nitride bolt, spiral flutes, all standard
20 MOA Rail
All the SS was oxide blasted so it’s a really nice matte grey.
Hawkins 2 port side discharge muzzle break was matched flawlessly

$2400 ffl to ffl
Pics up soon but I can email and txt them very easily too

These are all fantastic components put together by a really great smith known for meticulous work.
Comes w/o trigger group but I do have a couple wide shoe timney’s I could throw one in for + $90
I also have a manners mcs t4 with dbm mini chassis, Gap camo, dual studs and qd sockets on the left; it was fitted for this BA & I’d throw it in for + $800

This would make a fantastic UL rig if you paired it with an ADL stock or an AG composites stock (stocky’s has some great options in stock)....if you go BDL, I do have a new Sunny Hill BDL Metal (in the white).

Trying to build a shop, gang, so some of this stuff has to go
is the only reason I’m selling.
While I do need the funds...I would entertain partial trades for good glass (scopes) I have some specifics in mind, holler at me if you have something and you’re interested.


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