Load Test Targets

do you just print these on 8.5"x11" paper? that seems kind of small since my normal targets are 14"x14"?
Thank you for sharing the targets with us. I used to purchase targets that had a similar design as the ones you have posted. Presently I buy underlayment paper ($25) from my local lumber supply company and purchase target dots; they come in 1, 2, & 3 inch diameters. What I am shooting and distance I am shooting at determines what size diameter target dot I will use; open sights. I will cut a strip of resin/underlayment paper about 18 inches wide (the role is 36 inches X 250 ft. long) staple it to the target stand and then make my ladder with target dots. I find that starting out with a clean piece of paper is the way to go. How often has someone tried to find "where they are going" when sighting in or trying out a new load. When I am done I can save the targets for later reference. The role of underlayment paper lasts me a couple of years of shooting. I know that this is not free, however I find this method relatively inexpensive and very handy to use. I like these:

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