Load recipes for Christensen Ridgeline


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Apr 26, 2020
Georgetown, Texas
I've seen a lot of back and forth on best loads. Have seen many different forums and reviews. Wanting to hear the experts opinions on this.

Recently purchased a Christensen Ridgeline 300 Win Mag.

Looking for best boxed ammo and how it performed out past 500 yards and the most consisted hand loads y'all have. H1000 seems to be the way to go and I'm back and forth between bullets.

reviews show boxed ammo
Nosler trophy grade 180 gr accubonds
ADM 215 gr bergers (discountinued?)

thanks for any input, just want to not waste time.
Check out The Joy of Shooting by Irma Longbomber-Becker, with a forward by James "operator" Beard.

J/K. Good luck 🤣
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