Load data for a 308 winchester


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Jun 29, 2009
FT Knox, Ky
Hello All,
Looking for some load data for a 308 winchester. 20.5 inch barrel( Remington VTR)with a 1:12 twist. Ill be using Winchester brass, cci primers, benchmark powder and 168gr AMAX bullets. I did the research for max and min. Just was wondering if anybody had success with this combo, or can give any ideas. Just for target shooting at this time. Im still kinda new at this and have been doing my 45acp so far. This will be my first attempt at rifle reloading.


Sorry dont have load data using Benchmark powder as ive only ever used Varget for my 308 but load data is as follows:

165 SGK or 168 SMK (they both shoot exactly the same POI in my rifle)
45 gr Varget
Win Brass
F215M Primer

This load shoots very well in my rifle


I have a 26 inch barreled .308 with 1 in 12 twist that I'm using the 175 Berger VLD hunting bullets with decent results. If you'd like that data let me know.

Thanks for all the info. I guess i just have to load up and see what works. I was looking at the ladder work up method. Has anyone tried it? I was going to do the 200 yard test and see what happens.

I shoot 168 gr SMK with Win brass, CCI primers and 40.0 gr of Benchmark, and this load will do 0.5 inch groups at 100 yds.
46 grains of Varget or RL15 behind the 168SMK will do the trick.
My LTR also shoots same point of aim at 100 with the same load using Barnes 165 TSX. I hunt with the Barnes and blast with the SMK due to cost.
DOnt spend your time with any other powders as these two are the tried and true 308 winchester powders with these bullet weights.

Varget was my first choice, but where im currently at i couldnt get it. Thats why i went with benchmark. Looking at the CUP and velocity's it was the middle of the road. Im going to play around with this as i only bought a 1 pound container. It should last a while but im not stuck for ever. Thanks for the info. If i come into a place that has that powder ill be sure to pick some up.

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