load data for 208 amax with h1000


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Oct 9, 2009
Pottsville, ky
I am a reasonably new reloader about two years into it. I am working on my new 300 win. The rifle is a stock rem 700 long range tactical. Burris 3-12x xtr rem brass lands with the a max are at 3.663. I am starting with h1000 but that is not a must have if anybody has any better ideas. I just loaded a test run of twenty five rounds starting at 75.0 and progressing to 77 in .5 gr incremints. I broke the barell in with some rounds that i had left from another rifle 69.0gr rl22 I only neck size and use a lee collet. I also started theese loads at 3.653 .010 off the lands just for test purposes i will deal with seating depth once i find a powder and charge combo that the gun likes. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Check out my post under "breaking in 300 win mag barrel" I am working up a similar load, you didn't mention what group size you are getting, and what your expectations are. Good luck,

I have a savage 112 BLSS with 26" barrel and muzzle brake and I use H 4831 sc at 76gr and 3 shots touch at 100 yards. The bullet is just off the rifling about .005. The muzzle velocity is 2950. I hope this helps.
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