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Dec 3, 2007
Old Bethpage NY
Limited Quantity Sale
As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season we need to clean up. Part of this is selling off discontinued items and returns. These returns are when someone buys an optic, checks it out for a couple of days and decides, for whatever reason, that that particular choice was not right for them. We take these back but do not put them back into new inventory as we do not feel that would be right. We wait until we have a decent quantity of them and do a limited quantity sale once or twice a year. Well, here's that sale and a great opportunity for you.
Discontinued New Leica Binoculars, with Passport Warranty
#40261 8x42 Ultravid BR @ $1549.99
#40276 10x50 ultravid BR @ $1499.99
#40277 12x50 Ultravid BR @ $1599.99
As New Condition Restocked Returns with Full Warranties
Pentax Binoculars:
#62622 8x32 DCF ED @ $679.99
#62623 8x43 DCF ED @ $774.99
#62624 10x43 DCF ED @ $849.99
#62599 9x28 DCF LV @ $189.99
#62553 8x42 DCF HRc @ $229.99
#62554 10x42 DCF HRc @ $249.99
Vortex Binoculars:
Viper 6x32 @ $379.99
Viper 8x32 @ $389.99
Viper 8x42 @ $429.99
Viper 10x42 @ $439.99
Viper 15x50 @ $499.99
Diamondback 7x36 @ $159.99
Diamondback 9x36 @ $169.99
Zeiss Binoculars
#523208 Conquest 8x30 T* @ $499.99
#523210 Conquest 10x30 T* @ $529.99
#524510 Conquest 10x40 T* @ $899.99
#525008 Conquest 8x50 T* @ $949.99
#525010 Conquest 10x50 T* @ $999.99
#524540 Victory 7x42 T* FL LT @ $1499.99
#522073 Conquest Compact 8x20 T* @ $349.99
Minox Binoculars:
#62123 BD 10x42 ALT BR @ $259.99
#62165 BL 8x56 BR @ $469.99
#62163 HG 8x33 BR Yards @ $369.99
#62164 HG 8x33 BR Meters @ $369.99
#62154 HG 8.5x43 BR Meters @ $469.99
#62159 HG 8.5x52 BR Yards @ $549.99
Minox Spotting Scopes:
#62211 MD 62W with #62303 21-42 L.E.R. Zoom Eyepiece @ $549.99
#62225 MD 50 W Angled @ $219.99
#62226 MD 50 Straight @ $219.99
Nikon Binoculars:
#7514 10x36 Monarch ATB @ $199.99
#7432 10x42 Monarch ATB @ $249.99
#7518 10x56 Monarch ATB @ $299.99
In order to get these deals you must call in to place the order as we will not be posting these on our web site due to limited quantities.
If we can answer anything for you it is our please. All items have the full mfg warranty.

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