Leupold zero stops?


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Apr 29, 2009
Hi all,

I need some information if you can help me. I have a Leupold Mark 4 4.5x14x40 in a 30mm tube with the target turrets on it and was wondering if any one makes a zero stop for it.

If they are made where can I get a set for my scope. I tried a search on here but did not find anything.

I would also be interested in a good Zero stop for Leupold Target turrets.

I see that the Leupold scopes used by Grey Bull use a set screw vertically through the elevation turret as a zero stop.

Any details on what size of set screw, and how to do it?

Looks like the knobs from KENTON industries come with the zero stop feature that I was thinking of.

Makes life really simple!
I ran into the same problem so I called leupold and they said that they could not make them with zero stops because it was a patend design . So I replied then my next scope will be a nightforce, afyter that statement he told me I'll send you some plastic shims all you have to do is when you have your scope zeroed just loosen up the three set screws and slide off the cap then apply the correct amount of shims then reinstall the scope cap and you have a cheep zero stop . I eventually took it off because I was told that this would damage the internals of the scope. Leupold sent them to me for free if anyone wants to give them a try.


I would like to try them! I have been thinking of doing the same thing with shims. for my 4.5-14x40 Leupold.

I too was given a set of the plastic washers. They got the job done, but I was only able to get to about a half rotation before they stopped, good enough as it was better than nothing. The other, either cut a small section out of the washer or re-paint your original zero mark as with the washers, you can not see it. Also as far as cosmetics go, they came in black and red, (Looked a little odd).
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