leupold vx-1 question


Jun 25, 2009
new mexico
I am thinking of sending my Leupold vx-1 to Leupold to have M1 turrets put on. Does anyone have any experince sendig a scope to Leupold to have turrets put on, especially the vx-1. I am sure there has been a tread regarding this before, but I sure would like some info from anyone who has done this before. Thanks.

I have a VX-1 2x7 with an aftermarket turret on the elevation.

All 9 deer have been between 329 and 510 yards with a Leica 1200CRF and a 200 yard zero on the 270.

I have other scopes; vari XII, vari XIII, VXII, VXIII, MkIV, and IOR scopes.

But that VX-1 is the one that fills the freezer.
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