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Mar 13, 2003
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I was recently looking through the new Midway master catalog and reference guide #2. They have the new VX III long range listed in there. They say the one pictured is a 4.5x14x40, it has no gold ring and what appears to be exposed target turrets (no caps). However when I go to Leupolds web site or various online optics dealers I can't find one that matches the picture in Midway's cat.. So what I'm wondering is, has Midway pictured the wrong scope, if so what is the one in the picture or are they so new that noone else has a picture of them yet?
Thanks in advance
2003 black ring LR M1 tactical models were called vari X III but were listed on the tactical part of the website. For 2004 all tactical black ring models have been renamed mark IV. There is only 1 or 2 minor improvements on the tactical scopes for 2004. The 2003 vari X III's will have the same part numbers at the new 2004 mark IVs. Basically its the same scope.
For 2004 VX III only has the gold ring LR Target with covered target turrets.
.. Confused yet.?

.. Leupold is playing a "shell game" with their product line to justify some hefty price increases.. And it's not setting well with many.. Two weeks ago I sent them an e-letter asking about this and they didn't bother to respond..

.. I personally am looking for another source for good scopes.. d:^) JiNC
Yeah I would have to agree with jake. Personally I think the bushnell 4200s have better optics than ANY of the leupolds. If I wasn't hell bent on getting a R2 type reticle and having turrets like nightforce or leupold tactical m1. I would buy a bushnell 4200 4x16x50. $389 at natchez.com
But instead I am willing to pay 1100 for a nightforce! LOL
Trader & OH the tactical M1 was my first thought also, but the turrets aren't the same the tactical models are much taller.

Jake, Yeah I'm confused alright, that might even be an understatment.

If I can't find some place that actually has one I can put my hands on I'll probably go with another Conquest in 6.5x20. More magnification than I really need but I guess it's better to have it and not need it than the other way around.
Leupold turrets:

m1 - found only on the the pure tactical scopes. Each click .25MOA. Can be zeroed after sighting in. No dust covers.

m3 - same as above except each click is 1MOA.

Target turrets - sit up high like m1,m3 but do not have the grips like m1 m3. Each click is .25moa. Not sure if they come with dust covers. Pretty sure they can not be zeroed after sighting in.

standard - sit low to the scope have dust covers. Each click .25moa. Can not be zeroed after sighting in.

It all depends on what you want to do.

Repeatable accuracy: If you click up 5 inches at 100 yards and click back down are you exactly at where you were? The people I have talked to say you need US optics, nightforce, or leupold m1.

Durability - USO, nightforce, and leupold m1...from what I've heard you can beat the living hell out of each.

Reticle - Mildot is good but nightforce and USO offer much better reticle options which are faster and easier to use then mildot. (leupold only offers mildot)

European scopes - way more expensive. Why? European workers ...especially in manufacturing are the highest paid labor in the world.

Again bushnell 4200s are by far the best value for the $. ...if you just want to hunt. They offer some longer range that many use for PD shooting.

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I agree, I think Leuy's doing a smoke and mirrors with their new line of VX scopes. I was not overly impressed with them when I tried one out.

For my money, I've switch to the IOR scope line. Equally as good and as rugged as the Leuy's, but even their new VX line doesn't compare to the optics of the IOR scopes. And the IOR's are still 10 to 40% less than the leuy's.

Just my $0.02 worth.
This is my first post on this forum. Been lurking for a few months. Never had much to say till now. You guys have been a real source of valuable info. Appreciate it.

You're correct that trying to buy a new Loopy is a difficult situation. I'm trying to buy a 6.5-20x50 with 1/4 clicks (M1) mildot but with the large capless adjustment knobs. I've talked with several suppliers and man, what a runaround. Some guys say the scope comes with the large knobs, some guys say the don't come with the knobs and that it's a $100 extra for the knobs.

Having said all of that, have any of you dealt with Precision Arms in California? Just talked with them and they want $855 for what I THINK is the correct scope. Any input is appreciated.
Huntswithgohsts,Before you buy the leupold take a close look at a Zeiss Conquest 6.5x20x50 . It has (argueably) better optics, the same type capless turrets, and can be had for $719 at Highland Gear.com.. The only drawback is it only has 45 moa verticle adjustment, but a tapered base or Burris signature rings will get you easily to 1000 yds.
The 6.5X20 50MM LRT M1 will have the M1 knobs hence the M1 designation. This will also be a Mark 4 scope, which aren't available yet. The VXIII 6.5X20 50MMLRT will have the target knobs with covers. M1 knobs are available in .25MOA only.
Winmagman - you're correct about that Zeiss. I was just talking to another optics distributor in my area and he suggested it as well. Took a look at Zeiss' website but I wonder if it comes with mildots? Gotsta' have mildots.

Zeiss does healthcare, measuring, vision, research, sports and other stuff. They might as well make a clothing line too.

Point is - before you go blow extra money on european labor look at bushnell 4200. They only do optics...which IMO are better than zeiss. But hey its your $$$

Regarding zeiss mildot - go here to find which ones.

Then click on product series. Click on conquest. Click on 4.5-14x44. Click on available reticles. Click on available reticles.

The link doesn't match up with the reticles page when i copy and paste it. The reticles selection page is burried (no direct link)

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