leupold vs. simmons which is better?


Mar 20, 2004
I think that in the leupold you pay for the name. I think that simmons is just as good or better than leupold. Any other opinions out there?
Maybe it depends on your frame of reference? What do you mean, "good, or better"?

Do you mean, design? Durability? Optical clarity? Ability to hold zero and warranty? Or, you looked through both, and couldn't tell the difference?

Some people think that you get what you pay for. If you see an advantage in the less expensive optics, it should not matter what others think.

Back in the dark ages, when nobody had ever heard of Leupold, they all used Redfield. I converted a lot of people with just a look down range.

But, things change, I guess? I have casually looked through a Simmons, and they appear to be decent, but I don't know if I'd actually buy one.

Good hunting. LB
...please don't be offended... but there is no comparison between these two scopes... "no right price on the wrong scope"... jmo... or as the saying goes... "only a rich man can afford a cheap scope"... might wanna get a few more opinions before committing to a simmons... good shooting...
Well lets see.. I can remember a buddy of mine who bought a new M70 300 wby mag ...and went cheap on the scope, it was a simmons of some sort supposed to be at the upper end of simmonns offerings at the time...within 20 round the insides fell apart ..so he figured he got a bad one maybe he did? but, anyways the store gave him a new one so we headed out to his homebuilt range and started sighting it back in @ 100 yds it worked ok but we could not get the rifle to group too good..which we new it wasn't the rifle or ammo because it just shot great a few days before ...so I had a old dinosour Leopold 3x9 one of the first ones ,,,,took it off my rifle threw it on his bam back to shooting small groups again. Don't let the name of scopes play with your mind ..there is one rule and it's a strong one!! and it was mentioned in the post above in a rounda bout way! you get what you PAY for. and the one probably more imprortant than that if your a serious shooter your glass on your rifle will cost sometimes more than the rifle itslf! you just have to ask yourself how serious of a shooter you want to be. Don't get me wrong big dollar scopes are not for everybody thats why there are so many offerings...and you may get lucky and have great luck with a cheap scope...but ALWAYS!! in the long run when comes to glass you get what you pay for.

Okay, Coyote runner. Ball's in your court. You have a couple opinions. Now, can you explain why you think the Simmons is just as good, (or better) than a Leupold?

Good hunting. LB
Surely this is a joke. I've never had a Simmons scope of the modest cost range hold up to any recoil over the 22 rimfire. BM


PS: edit-The title of this post seemed like a joke and lured me in.

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I would have to disagree. No I am not say that the Simmons is just as good or better than the Leupold, but if a person is looking for a good, clear scope at a discounted price, than I would go with a Simmons Aetec. I have one on my .45 caliber muzzleloader and have never had a problem with holding zero or falling apart. It has been on my gun for 4 years now and not a problem yet.

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If it's not a joke GOD!! help him
hey you have to admit the both have cool little twisty things on the top and sides than make a cool click sound when you turn them

Keith....but if it is a joke then I guess I bit hard lol!
ok here's the deal i told coyote runner i had a loopy on my new rifle and he claimed simmons were just as good. so he started this thread and now he's to chicken**** to respond so why don't you guys tell him WHY loopy's are better because he still claims his simmons is just as good as a loopy
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