Leupold 4.5-14 LR


Mar 5, 2002
New to this forum,howevever visited this website alot. I'm considering a 4.5-14 Leupold LR for my 7mm STW Sendero. Does anyone know if the clicks are repeatable and reliable on this scope?
Vinnie.338-378 on this forum uses one on his 300 Weatherby.And he love's it.Yes the click's are very repeatable... Leupold is probably one of the best out there.You wont go wrong if you buy one....I would also like to welcome you to the forum.Alot of good people here....

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Thanks for the reply.I'm not quite in the same league as some of you guys. I'm trying to set up a decent 700 yd. deer gun. I will be trying Matchkings to see if they will stabilize in my rifle. More on that later .
Last summer I shot Dave King's .300 Win. mag and it has the 4.5-14 LR on it - the scope worked perfectly. We did quite a lot of shooting, right out to 1000 yards and the turrets worked fine. Dave is probably shooting hogs with that scope this week.
Thanks for the reply.I am specifically interested in the LR 4.5-14. Is that what you have? I have a 4.5-14x50 on my 338-378 Wby. The LR has target turrets, 30 mm tube,side focus, and approx. 72 moa adjustment.I really like my "stock" Leupold,but I am going to have Leupold install turrets on it.
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