Lens cleaning.??

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
..Hey guys.. Acting on the "hot tip" from Sheldon Charron the Kowa big eyes are in hand.. I noticed the lenses have a little funk on'em.. What's the best way to clean them properly.?? For some reason I'm a little hesitant to break out the Leupold lens cleaner.. What do you guys suggest.?? JiNC

PS--Mannn.. These things are schweeeeeett.!!
Hey Jake how are ya...

I use some lens cleaner the eye doctor gave my father for his glasses.. I bet you can go to Wally World and get some... just my .02.. then i use one of the lens cloths you get when you buy a scope and use them to keep clean..

Glad to see someone from GGVG..over here with my other bunch of friends...

How far from Burnsville are ya???
Jake, Read Matt's post a few down from yours, that was all covered in his. ACETONE with a cotton swab is where it's at, man. But not fingernail polish remover.
Hey Rick.. I live about 2 hours north of Burnsville.. But the club is just across the county line (Pee Dee River) in Richmond county.. Mi casa es su casa.. d:^) JiNC

In-laws have a cabin on top of the mountain just west of Burnsville... neat area!!!

If I get that way this fall I'll bring a varmint rifle and you can show me around!!!
August, Did you ever get a whif of MEK? It's pretty nasty, Acetone goes on and it's already dried like the day before last,I use it at work all the time, stuffs a great cleaner for cleaning over oil based cleaners that we use on our machines where we need to be clean for food carton manufacture(Hotpockets).
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