Cleaning Scope lens

Matt Regalia

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Oct 9, 2001
Livonia, MI
What do you all use to clean the lens on your scopes. I have a leupold lens pen to brush any dust but, what about wiping a smudge off? Can I use the same cleaner I use on my glasses???

Matt, You can use the stuff for your glasses, just DON'T USE Windex, it will take your coatings off, Burris uses acetone, DON'T USE fingernail polish remover, pure acetone works the best, dries very quick. Good shootin' Jay
I use the same method I use on pro quality camera lens, which is a cotton Q-Tip. I breath on the lens to fog it up and then beginning in the center of the lens in a circular motion move to the outside and always rotate the Q-Tip in case you pick up material that can scratch the element. You may have to use several Q-Tips if you have a stuborn smudge. For the really tough spots, use a lens cleaning solution specifically made for lens cleaning. Ziess makes a good one. I never use a lens pen because you can't get rid of the soiled tip like you can a Q-Tip.
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