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Mar 22, 2003
My search for a truly long-range range finder has led me to the Leica Vector. Has anyone used one of these before?
If so, where did you purchase it from and what was its price point?

Thanks for the help,

Sorry, I missed this one. This past spring I bought a Leica Locator Plus, the 4,000 yard civilian-named version of the Vector. Identical to the Vector IV in other features.

$6,700 from TPS Group in Cnicago.

I feel I finally have a rangefinder that works for a long range hunter!

The newer PLRF looks interesting, too. Probably less money.

Leica PLRF

I have used the Leica vektor for a couple of years.


- Ranges beyond 2500 yards, actully on one clear morning 3126 yds.
- 6 x 42 bino "included"
Vary from yds to meters
- The housing is very resistant to about anything, if you know what i mean.
- The elctronic compass, is one of the best i have ever used, mils or degrees, you can measure angles up or down, very fast to find the slant range.
Measure angles between 2 points in the field.
- You can use a GPS whith it and lase a point in the field and get a 10 digit UTM or Lat long directly.

Sorry I forgot negative, if anyone cares?

The only thing I dint like about it is that i am sure it could be a bit smaller.
The laser a bit mor powerfull, so you can get the distnace although it snows or theres light fog.

My Leica Locator Plus, civilian named version, ranges out to over 4k yards. It works in rain pretty darn well. Not the heaviest downpours but probably 3/4 of the rainfalls one would encounter. Same with snow and fog. Yes, it is big and heavy but in a lot of cases its binocular function means you may not need a separate binoc.
Thats very good!
My Vector have given me wrong readings in poor weather cond. never rain though.

But it is a very good system, best Ive ever come upon.

Nothing better than equip that works better then your expectations!
...This past spring I bought a Leica Locator Plus, the 4,000 yard civilian-named version of the Vector. Identical to the Vector IV in other features.

[/ QUOTE ]

Sorry for reviving such an old thread but I was wondering what exactly are the differences between the Leica "military" Vector and the Leica "civilian" Laser Locator Plus?

I was recently quoted $10,480 for the military version, and $6893 for the civilian model, but was unable to ascertain the differences between the two (other than price /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif).


Greetings Len,
That's OK.
Do you still have your Leica?
Would you recommend it for small targets, ie. "iron maiden" types, at distances out to 2000 yards?
Any other advice you'd be able to offer regarding it would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

Guys just for your informantion.

The only range finders made by Leica (as in Leica Camera / Sport Optics) the company we all know as making the hight quality binoc's.. are the Geovid BRF and the Rangemaster(hunting and Golf Versions)
The Leica Laser Locator is deisgned for the civil engineering / road building industry and is made by Leica Goesystems,, who have nothing to do with the Leica we all know.
The Original Geovid ( geovid 1) which was a civilain version of the Vektor(vector) was a joint product between Leica Camera and the Swiss company vektor(vector). Leica have nothing to do with the Swiss company any more, Vector (vektor) now produces the rangefinder known as the Vektor(vector) for the military market. I don't know where they are manufactured or what components and opticsare used.
Leica Camera Sport Optics developed and refined the range finding technology used in the original Geovid and usd it in the Geovid (mk2) BRF. Its good for 1200m if you hold it steady. The hardware could be made to laze further, but the thing is supposd to be for the hunting market and the logic bieng, there ain't many hunters who need to lase anything that far out.
I used the Leica Vekrot(vector) as a squaddie and it was the dogs bollocks, but far to heavey and to be honest,, for 95% of all sniper activity the 1200m range of the geovid BRF is enough. Given thé choice as a sniper i'd take the Goevid BRF.. if i was forward air,, or arty FOO the i'd consider the Vektor.. but then i wouldn't have a 15lbs sniper rifle to pack. #
The Leica Vektors can still be found occasionaly for sale,they ain't cheap.. as far as i know Vektor(vector) will honour any warranty repairs on the joint venture Leica/Vektor versions
(wy do i keep typing vector with a K.. cos iVe seen it spelled both ways, depending on the germanic or not spelling)
regards Pete
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