Lefthand AR-30?


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Jan 11, 2006
I'm a lefty and looking for a .338Lapua mag. The best would be a AR-30 because of the price. Custom are to expensive on this project. Someone got any different suggestions? Lefthand rifle cal.338Lapua mag. i prefer its not a singleshot.

I have been in contact with Armalite, and they have no plans for a lefthand AR-30...?
Because it's not much demand for them??? Is it just me, that wants a lefthand AR-30?

Lefthand people, please send Armalite an email on: [email protected]
Armalite needs a minmum of 100 rifles to recover set-up costs on this... Please join me on this.

This is my last project: Sauer 200STR known as Sig3000
Langholdsrifle cal.6,5-284 [LINK]
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I too was looking at the AR-30 in .338 Lapua. But for the $1800 price tag, I "settled" :)D:D:D) on having Kirby Allen build me a .338 EDGE. I am a lefty as well and if I plan on shooting a rifle from the prone position I prefer a right hand action. My Edge was built on a lefty Rem 700 LSS because I want to have the extended mag installed to make it a repeater, the rifle is for hunting and a right hand bolt is a PITA from other shooting positions.
I am a lefthanded shooter too. From what I have been able to find regarding the Armalites, they do not achieve the level of accuracy a custom built rifle does. They are acceptible out to 500 - 700 yds, beyond that (1,000 to 1,500 yds) you may find yourself disappointed if trying to hit something 8" in diameter.

I recommend you look into a blue printed bolt action with a high quality barrel. To be honest, look at purchasing a "after market custom action" by the time you purchase a M700, have it blue printed, you will be spending the same money.

Good luck.
How about a SAKO TRG-42 in 338 Lupua? I seem to remember seeing some left handed version of ww.Gunbroker.com if memory serves me. But then I could be mistaken.
Good luck,
Sadly to say Don, this time you're mistaken... Sako have never made the TRG in lefthand. If they had, it would already have been in my gun vault.

I have sold some Stiller TAC30 & TAC300 (licensed firearmsdealer) maybe a Lawton this time? I dont know yet...
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