SOLD/EXPIRED **Left handed .284 Benchmark Barrels Custom**


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Mar 30, 2008
I have for sale a Rem 700 Long action .284 Benchmark Custom Left handed tack driver! Gun has been to a couple matches and has seen a little use but its overall condition is really good. There are just a few nicks and marks but those are standard for a match rifle. This thing is an awesome rifle. Super accurate, holds a 1/2 MOA guarantee from Benchmark barrels. This rifle combo is a laser, I have shot 162 Amax's in it and it loves them.

here are the specs on the rifle-

-Rem 700 Left Handed Long action-Completely trued by benchmark barrels
-Benchmark Barrel- 7MM 1/9 twist, rem sendero Contour, 26 inches (332 rounds on barrel)
-Center shot rifles Muscle Brake, ported, and timed to barrel, I love this brake, super effective!!
-Manners T5 Left handed Long action stock, 3 Color Gap Camo, badger Mini chasis M5 bottom Metal, no mag included, sorry I still need it. Two studs on front and one on rear.
-Old Style Rem 700 Trigger
-Badger 20 MOA left handed base, I trimmed it down on the front about .100 thou
-Badger bolt knob
-Badger ACI and Gen 2 Mount
-U-S-O Swivel bubble level- I bought this cuz I have some youth that have 6 of them they have been playing with and I really wanted one, they are the new generation and are pretty sweet.
-not including the harris, but if you would like it-$100 extra, its a 9-13 swivel and notched legs, and pod lock
-barrel Paint is nothting special, just krylon

This build the way it sits now cost $2475 to build with the extras included!!!

Priced to quick sell for a shipped price of $1890!!!

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Will take cash, USPS money order, and bank of america m/o or cashiers Check.

Thanks for looking and have a blessed day!