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Feb 25, 2008
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If I remove the depriming rod from a lee neck collet die will it shrink down the case more to grip the bullet tighter? I currently can pull the bullet back out of the case with my fingers and need it to grip tighter. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You can get a smaller mandrel from Lee or turn the one you have down. The die won't work very well if you remove it completely.
I am having the same problem with my Lee Collet die. It's for a 7mm-08, I am going to send mine back to Lee.
Take the die apart and use your grinder with a buffing wheel to polish the mandrel down uniformly until you get the amount of tension you require. Use a more abrasive compound than if you were simply polishing it.

I grind off the depriming pin and use a universal decapper.
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