Learning to deal with updrafts.

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May 10, 2007
I headed out this afternoon to fire a few downrange.


A view looking back to the firing point

The conditions were far from perfect, but I decided to bare it and go just the same. I am trying to practice in all conditions and dont just try to guard my handicap on a bad day.


Shooting point is at the furthest point on the track in background.

Got to my shooting position and stared down the canyon at my white plate target. Range to target was 676 yards.

As my pda was flat I decided to use the leupy tape and see how we went. Wind was very noticable at around 4 oclock and following.

Cond were
30.06 BP
62 deg
52% RH

The shot was dead level across and down the canyon on to the target which was perched slightly off the plateau on the side wall. I guessed the wind at 6- 8 at the shooting position and dialled the 13 up and 2.5 right.

Fired round one and landed dead perfect for height and about 5 " left on the breeze. Not bad >> Try again... Round 2 same dope Boooommm..... Straight on top of the first. Round 3 the same again. All around about 2" covered the 3 shots. I still was baffelled that I was not right for wind and drove over to the target find the Kestrel reading anywhere from 12 -17 mph full value wind !! Holy smoke. I find it always hard to shoot this open country with few trees to help out. Dialled another .5 right and let it go. Centre hit, perfect windage slightly higher POI. I was fairly pleased with this.


This range is has similiar circumstances as Eastern MT or WY Mulie country with deep Coullees and little cover. Do you find that up drafts are a bigger factor in this terrain or similar to tree covered slopes ? In my experience shooting this course the barren hills seem to bring it more into play ? I have shot this range quite a bit and found updrafts hell to deal with and am starting tho think that the bare terrain increases the chances of this effect ?

Thanks all !

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