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Knight KP-1 45-70


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
Another **** shoulder operation and have to get rid of last remaining big calibers. Doctor and wife put their foot down, plus this crap hurts!

I have a Knight KP-1 in 45-70 with 24 inch barrel. It is a single shot with interchangable barrels. The 45-70 is very difficult to find.

Nikon Prostaff 3-9x with LR hunter reticle and zero'd out to 300 yards and shot that far to check. I have killed deer out to 270 yards very easily. Very easy to handle and recoil is more than managable with Kick-"Eze recoil pad. My loads are not on the super hot side, but up there and managable to easily shoot and accurate.

I have Hornady Custom 45-70 dies, 100 pieces of brass in two MTM boxes (most fired 1x if that), 30 rounds loaded with Hornady 325 FTX at 2140 fps. Load shoots into 1-1 1/4 consistently. That gives you 3-4" groups at 300 yards and confirmed by shooting at 300. Will send load data with the gun, dies and brass.

$575 shipped and insured to your FFL that will take from an individual, otherwise you pay the transfer fee. Ammo and dies will be shipped separately.

This is a go to rifle for a midwest hunter whose state only allows straight wall cartridges. I had used it for 10-12 years in Ohio before the farmer retired and moved to TX.

Shipped from Wilmington NC.

Sorry no trades, got too much now.


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