For Sale Knight KP-1 45/70

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I have a Knight KP-1 in 45-70 with 24 inch barrel. It is a single shot with interchangable barrels. The 45-70 is very difficult to find.

    Nikon Prostaff 3-9x with LR hunter reticle and zero'd out to 300 yards and shot that far to check. I have killed deer out to 270 yards very easily. Very easy to handle and recoil is more than manageble with Kick-"Eze recoil pad. My loads are not on the super hot side, but up there and managable to easily shoot and accurate.

    I have Hornady Custom 45-70 dies, 100 pieces of brass in two MTM boxes (most fired 1x if that), 30 rounds loaded with Hornady 325 FTX at 2140 fps. Load shoots into 1-1 1/4 consistently. That gives you 3-4" groups at 300 yards and confirmed by shooting at 300. Will send load data with the gun, dies and brass.

    $640 shipped (2 boxes) and insured to your FFL that will take from an individual, otherwise you pay the transfer fee. Ammo and dies shipped separately.

    Shipped from Wilmington NC. hermanharke[​IMG] is preferred contact

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