Knife/dog hog hunt

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    Jul 30, 2009
    A few friends and I went on a knife/dog hog hunt earlier this spring. We chose All about U Ranch in Oklahoma after reading several positive reviews. Must say we were impressed. To run the dogs you have to hunt their 100acre high fence area. But we were in there for 5 or 6 hours and didn't feel cramped. The guides ran their tails off for us from breakfast till we left. Apparently we wore out the guides and dogs. They claimed their other customers are always sitting by the gate, worn out and ready to go after a couple hours. 4 hunters = 4 pigs. Think we're going back this next spring.
    They had a group of hunters in a few days before us that were gun hunting. I think he said 11 total. All goverment officials and officers of the law. They showed us the pile of hogs they had to drag out of their after those guys left. Apparently they were shooting them, not wanting to claim them and kicking them off in the brush thinking they wouldn't get caught. We helped them load up 7 more while we were there. I believe they said there was 27 hogs in the pile. That's not including the one's they claimed. Woulda liked to have seen the looks on their faces when they got the bill!

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    Now that's funny. Well, not really, but kinda. Gov't officials and LEO huh? Who would have thought!

    I think I would have enjoyed hog doggin in my younger days. Now i'm afraid i'd be one of those waiting by the gate in a few hours. Anyway, good hunt and cool pic!