Killin' Pigs in Lampasas, Texas

Texas Speed Bump

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Jul 31, 2020
Pflugerville Texas
Finally figured out how to post a video on this forum and thought some of you might enjoy this compilation of some pig kills in the last couple of years. My camera has a nice large processor plate and has the amazing ability to make dark-thirty look like afternoon sun. Many of these shots are after sunset and pigs are almost always moving so I typically body shoot them. Since I'm not harvesting these for meat, it doesn't really matter where they die. We killed 32 last season and proud to say I accounted for almost half of that. The scope I have on the LR308 is overkill for these distances and I learned a valuable lesson about having the magnification up too high. It made it really hard to get on a second target right after the first shot. I've replaced it with an ATN infrared optic this season and hope to do some actual after dark hog hunting (next video hopefully). You can see the compilation video here;