Kestrel Applied Ballistics and Bushnell Elite CONX 1 Mile LRF


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Nov 12, 2014
Late this summer, Bushnell will release a kit through their entire distribution channel which will include a NEW version of the Kestrel 4500 Sportsman Ballistics Weather Meter with their new Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Laser Rangefinder. These two products will work together seamlessly -- each target range data set will be transmitted to the paired Kestrel for calculation of an updated firing solution using the full capabilities of the Kestrel Sportsman. The firing solution will be displayed on the Kestrel screen as well as inside the rangefinder. For maximum smart device compatibility, range, battery life and reliability of connection, both the Kestrel Sportsman and the Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX will employ Bluetooth® Smart hardware (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) for connectivity. As a result, current Bluetooth versions of the Kestrel Sportsman, Kestrel with Applied Ballistics and Kestrel with Horus Ballistics models will NOT be compatible with the new Bushnell CONX Rangefinder because they employ Bluetooth Classic . As Kestrel continues to expand the connection capabilities of our ballistics weather meters, we will release future models of our ballistics weather meters that employ the Bluetooth Smart standard and are compatible with CONX and other Bluetooth Smart devices. No firm release date for these products has been set. Note that the Bluetooth Smart models will otherwise offer the same ballistics capabilities and solver engines as the Bluetooth Classic models.

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