Kestrel 2500 help


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Jun 27, 2010
I know this has been talked about but cant find anything that helps me.

I have a k2500 and am trying to set up my elvation and barometer. My elevation is 3300 feet.

So my question is,
1) do i changed my reference altitude to achieve the 26.52 norm for this altitude or keep it at 0ft and go with what it tells me?
2) do i change my reference bp to achieve my correct altitude?

Thanks in advance
Are you trying to use it for elevation or shooting? I believe to use the altimeter you input whichever value you know. But for shooting, you can set it to 0' elevation and get your actual pressure. That is method I use. Then I use absolute pressure function in shooter, without reference to altitude.
Thanks for the response. I will use it that way. And i had been looking for the shawn carlock write up on dialing in your kestral and just found it after i wrote this post.
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