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Keith Price

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Oct 12, 2012
Campbell River BC
Hello everyone,I just joined,this my first post and I have a question. First the background.
I bought an ithaca LSA 55 in .243 (made by Tikka when they were still a separate from Sako, with the understanding that I may return it if it does not shoot. It shoots, I put 5 shots in a horizontal line each nearly touching the first. but strung in a line about 1_1/4 inches. Still not a bad group but WHY? Second observation, the bolt head has pitting around the firing pin hole, the pits appear to be melted into the metal, not deep but certainly quite visible. With a 10X lens I can see powder grains in them. I think the previous owner may have loaded some over strength cartridges and blown hot gas out the primer pocket. All else seems O.k.
Can I expect problems down the road? If I keep it does anyone have suggestions about it stringing the shots? Near as I can tell, it is completely stock and Wow, did they ever build them back when this was made, machining is perfect , and not a piece of plastic anywhere.
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