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    Aug 18, 2013
    Happened on this sight a few months ago. Enjoy reading others stories of firearms, adventures, memories and successful hunts.
    I'm heading out to Colorado for the third rifle season for elk in 2 weeks. Because of the warmer weather here I have passed on archery and crossbow early season hunts for deer. This morning though I headed for the woods as a cold front is passing and the weather will turn colder and I wanted to put at least one deer in the freezer before the elk hunt. Preferably a doe, as they are plentiful and need thinned on the property. This weekend is early muzzleloader season.
    Soon after daylight my neighbor had shot twice. Ten minutes later a doe came by, nearly brushing my blind. I decided to take her. Had seen her and her yearling around the house since spring. Not 'long range' by you fellas standard. 17 feet. She ran off towards the woods. The yearling also ran towards the woods. Reloaded and waited 15 minutes, then walked into the woods where I saw her laying, 50 or so yards from the blind.
    Here's the reason I put up my first thread on here. I have been hunting deer and elk for 38 years. I remember my first deer and first elk. I remember how I felt and exactly how the hunt and shot played out. Here is what I don't remember, or more succinctly, what I do not recall.
    The emotion, reverence, or what ever word is appropriate, when I stood over the doe. I have noticed this for the last 10 years or so especially. I guess it is the appreciation for the animal, and my thankfulness to a higher power that allows me to harvest an animal for food, and also allows me the opportunity to observe and wonder at the animal throughout the year. Whether they are eating acorns below my stand or eating my tomatoes and beans in the garden, I enjoy observing them and wonder what it is like to live as they do unencumbered by the daily 'human' distractions.
    I guess my questions to all is this a sign of aging, maturing into a sportsman or maybe a glimpse into our own mortality ? Not trying to get real deep, but just wondering if others thank the animal and the higher power after the kill . It's definitely a feeling I hope I never lose.
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    Yep. Been there, done that, Also hope it doesn't go away. In fact, I've been feeling a bit odd last few years about killing animals for food. Becoming more selective and relaxed about the hunt. Not in such a rush to make the kill anymore.

    Example. I was in CO in Sept for my bear hunt. The land owner and I were side by side, he was facing west, I was facing east. He spotted a bear. I asked him several questions without even turning to look at it. I asked what color, how big did he think it was, how far....the answers added up to a bear that didn't appeal to me so it was a good 3 minutes before I hopped up to spin around and even look.

    When I took my bear the next morning I gave it a long hard look and gave thanks to God for my life experiences that I enjoy so much.