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Jul 1, 2002
Flowood MS
I have a question about a new hunting rifle. I have been looking at getting a new hunting rifle. I saw on JP enterprises where they do work on bolt action guns. I like the fact that they can decrease recoil so much. I would like to get a 300 winmag, but don't want all of the extra recoil. Does anyone know about JP customs recoil reducers? How loud are they, do they really work?>??
I am not sure how good they are, I have heard good things about them. I sent off my remington 338UM sendero to have the comp put on it a few weeks ago. The turn around time is pretty long 6-10 weeks i think, let you know when it comes back.

Somewhere on the web is a write-up of compensators of various designs, how they work, how well they work, and if they (various brands) harm accuracy to any extent. It is quite a piece and it looked like the guy really did a lot of research and testing. I'll try to has been a while. Bottom line of his write up was the J&P did the most for recoil reduction with the Vais(original design) coming very close second. He felt the Vais was the best overall design which I think was partly due to the JP being so ugly. The J&P is suppposed to be incredibly loud although I have NEVER heard anything as loud as the two Vais's I use. Not wearing hearing protection (I wear plugs AND muffs) is absolutley out of the question. I accidently shot it once with my muffs raised and it was worse than any rock concert damage I have ever encountered (and I have been to a few). I have n personal experience with the JP but he had nothing bad to say about them as far as accuracy.
Thanks for the info! Have ya'll heard anything about the answer system? They claim to have a pretty good product and claim to have won some guns and ammo muzzle brake test. It is worth getting a browning to get the adjustable BOSS system? I am getting ready to buy a new rifle and would like a 300 mag, but don't want the recoil to go with it!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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