Jensen or SMK?-your opinions please-Darryl & Co.


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Feb 22, 2002
Kenedy, Texas
Is the Jensen J40 .30cal. 220gr. bullet with
.930 B.C. too good to be true?? please offer
pro & con with SMK 220gr & or 240gr. THANKS
GEG...We have used the Jensen bullet in 140 grain .264 caliber. Its performance was flawless on elk.

The story is..we set up our own backcountry horse camp in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness in Montana. The bench guns had to stay home. Not to worry because our saddle guns were 6.5X300 Weatherbies using Sierra bullets. But I did worry. I worried that if I shot a bull at a hundred yards or less the Sierra might come apart, so we aquired Jensens.
In one week we shot one bull at 600yds, one at 100yards, one at 200 yards and the last one at a little over 300 yards. As I said the bullet performed flawless. The 300 yard elk was the only one that required a finishing shot and he wasn't going any where, it was the humane thing to do.

We try to shoot our elk through the shoulder, not behind the shoulder and the 100 yard elk was the only one that the bullet did not exit. The skin on the far shoulder caught it.
These four bulls died right where they were standing when they were hit. They never took another step, none.
Brent...I just went downstairs and looked at the box. It says J26 Bonded Core Boat Tails. I bought them in about 1993. There wasn't much choice on Bonded Core Bullets back then. Hope this helps..Jim Mackey
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