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SOLD/EXPIRED ***JC Steel Targets AR500 Precision Package***


Non-Profit Sponsor
Mar 30, 2008
We have had lots of people ask for a small precision type package. Well here it is at a screamin' good deal.

We only have 48 of these packages for sale at this price.

Here are the included Premium AR500 Targets in this package--

All targets are Premium 3/8" AR500 and come unpainted.

1--7"x3.5" rectangle with one 1/2" hole.
1--5" round with one 1/2" hole.
3--3"x5" diamonds with one 1/2" hole.
2--3.5"x2.5" rectangle with one 3/8" hole.
4--3" Triangles with one 3/8" hole.
1--2" round with one 3/8" hole
1--2" square with one 3/8" hole.

[size:11pt]All 13 targets for a shipped price of $74!!![/size]

We will be taking paypal plus 4% or USPS money orders.

We recommend hanging them on strips of conveyer belt over our Rebar targets stands. Which we have for sale as well.

Rebar target stands are $20 each, and are complete with a one 24" strip of conveyer belt and Grade 8 1/2" hardware.

Extra conveyer belt kits are $7. Each kit comes with a strip of conveyer belt, and extra Grade 8 1/2" hardware.

Shipping on this stuff is $18, you can fit quite a lot in one box. About 2 sets of rebar target stands and another 4 conveyer belt kits in one box.

Thanks for looking, have a blessed day.

Well here is a picture, tried to take it in the dark last night and did not turn out quite how I have liked. But here it is anyway,

As you can see, I use our rebar target stands and some pipe/rebar to hang the targets on. They are very effective! We pretty much use them with all targets that only have one hole.

Again, our pricing on the rebar stand stuff.

1 Rebar stand set with a strip of conveyer belt and Grade 8 1/2" hardware---$20

1 additional conveyer belt with included grade 8 1/2" hardware. -$7

Thanks again for looking! And thank you for the support to Jubilee Youth Ranch.

All Pm's replied too, still have some available at this price. Thanks for looking, and thank you for your support to the youth ranch!!
I ordered some targets from JC about a year ago and haven't looked back since.:)

Would you be able to do a ELR target sale on steel? Maybe some squares or rounds in the 15, 20, and 25" sizes? I'm sure there would be interest from guys on here and the hide...Thanks
Ren, yeah we have thought about that, the only problem is shipping kills on this heavy stuff. Big rounds or squares like that are pretty much $1 a pound to ship.

Still a few sets available. Thanks for the orders!