It's the one on the right.


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Apr 8, 2012
California Central Coast
Last year, hunting season was in the blazing heat. I couldn't find them.

I keep track of the "heard" my small property has on average 9 deer that usually consists of a dominant buck, a couple of his younger and 5 or 6 does. Their fawns when it's time for such.

For a long time the "heard" contained the same buck and a doe with a limp. These and the young spike were killed by the mountain lion last year. That leave the old mans eldest as the new dominant buck and his satellite is his younger brother who is "odd". 3 years old now. He has had uneven antlers since his first spike and his rear end is too big.

If we don't have an insane heat wave during deer season, I hope to put the now barely legal forkie in the freezer.

That's him on the right.


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