Its a Jeep Thing?


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Feb 7, 2013
People think they are excellent vehicles for slick roads and they are awful. It's hard to find something more difficult to drive on slick roads with any speed than a Jeep.

I saw an older Landcruiser with a sticker on it that said 'I tried your Jeep thing, now it burns when I pee....", that made me laugh out loud.
I see it rolled on a straight stretch in the middle of a plowed field, with nary a mountain in the distance.. that's about my experience with jeeps.

Had one given to me years ago.... still over payed for it. Happiest day of ownership was rolling it, loading it on a wrecker and crushing it at the recycle shop.
That's true with any 4x4 SUV or truck these days. The commercials show them bombing through snowy weather so OF COURSE they can do it. I haven't had any issues with my lifted Jeep running 33/12.50 15 mudders on snow/ icy roads that isn't to be expected.