Is there a "proper" way to mount a +20 MOA base/scope?


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Sep 29, 2002
North West Ontario, Canada
Is there a proper way to mount this combo on a rifle? I got the impression from some articles I read that there is more to this then simply bolting on the whole setup.For instance is the distance between the bases critical? I have mine setup to keep the rings as far away from the ejection port as possible.Any comments would be helpful.

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When I mount a scope on 2 piece bases I mount the bases to the receiver a little loose so they still move side to side a bit, clamp the bottom half of the rings to the bases tightly near the ejection port end of each while holding each firmly to the front, set the scope in on the rings and tighten the caps down on the tube just enough to align the bases, not tight tho, now go back and completely tighten the front screw on the front base and the rear screw on the rear base while holding each forward (the rings cannot be tightened to the tube). Now I remove the scope from the rings and rings from the bases then tighten the other two screws. Put the rings back on the bases, tighten down completely and lap the bottom half for 80% contact. Set the scope in the rings, line up crosshairs and lock 'em down, tight.

I set the rings to the inside near the ejection port if I have the option, as some scope tube extreme mounting lengths are shorter than other and if I switch scopes I don't want to take off the rings and base and do over.
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