iPhone Ballistic Software


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Nov 18, 2008
I am wondering if anyone else has an iPhone 5 and has put new software on it, I beleive it is still just the 3 better/more known ones.

Basically comparing Ballistic Advanced





do any require the internet to use?

any recommendations or comments on any?

thanks in advance
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You do not need the Internet or cellular data to run any of the apps. The only thing that wi-fi or cellular data is need for is getting you atmospherics. If you have a kestrel or another hand held wether meater you can use that info. You can use a compass for heading and what not. I hope this helps. I have all three apps that you listed and ballistic advanced and shooter are the two I use with shooter being used most often.
Ballistic advanced edition.. Works grate and has a head up display

Just scroll the thumb wheels input range conditions..
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