Interesting New stuff: The MOA reticle.


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Oct 28, 2003
Washington State
Lately, I have been having a lot of fun with reticle technology. USO has a new reticle which I am having incorporated into a scope.

Have you noticed that many scopes have windage and elevation knobs calibrated in MOA (minutes of angle), then they do something really silly. They go over to Europe and get the reticle from the Metric Scope.

See metric scopes have the knobs calibrated in centimeters. Really nice because 1 mil at 100 meters is exactly 10 cm, or 1 Mil at 1000 meters is 1 meter, absolutely and exactly. or put another way, each mil dot subtends exactly 10cm at 100 meters.

Their WORM formula is as follows:

Height Target (Meters) x 1000
-------------------------------- = Range (meters)
Height Target (Mils)

but what is 1 mil at 100 yards? 3.6 inches. What sense does that make?

or this:

Height of target(in) x 27.7
--------------------------- = Range (Yards)
Height of target(mils)

What about the "WORM Formula" for this baby?

Here it is:

Target Height (in) x 100
------------------------- = Range (Yards)
Target Height (MOA)

Like the metric system, we now have a scope where the reticle, and the knobs are all in the same system.

Example of range calculation:

72" target subtending 12 MOA

72 in. x 100
--------------- = 600 yards
12 Moa

and, let say the come up is 15 moa, you just put the 15 mark on the target and squeeze.

What about the windage. You just dial in what you need (in moa on the knob) and there you go.

You can also put the 90 click knob on a USO scope and have 45 minutes of adjustment in a single rotation of the knob!

Well, how about that! Nice easy formula, one common unit, just like our European cousins.

Oh, and I am going to shoot squirrels with mine. Squirrel is 9 inches tall, and subtends 10 moa. The range is...... Well, you know!


Note: What I referred to as a MIL, is really a Milliradian or an angle equal to 1 radian/1000.

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Same principal as the NF NP-R2. Finally someone else caught on to NF's common sense. Too bad its the one company more overpriced than NF!
try IOR NP8 easy , clear and for one Usolt you get 2 IOR and scope mounts

vey hight cost is not equal very hight quality , clever shooter compare before purchase .

good shooting

Yes but even with 1/2 mils your looking at 1.8 MOA. You lose easy ranging.

More companies should simply replace mils with moa. Its so simple I can't figure out why other compaies are not doing it!

Now its like spending money in both dollars and Yen!
Maybe someone will negotiate with Premier Reticles to add this as an option for Leupolds ....

How does this differ from the NF R2 reticle other than you dont have a 600yard zero on the x hair.Maybe my morning coffee aint kickt in yet??
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> quote:
Maybe someone will negotiate with Premier Reticles to add this as an option for Leupolds ....

After what Dick Thomas told to USO when he found out they were using his reticle with out permission it will probably be when hell freezes over.Premier will never touch a 2MOA reticle
personally i`d rather see scopes with mill reticles and 1/10 of a mill clicks..
Nice to see that the USO lackeys have made their way to this site after Ol DMCI here was banned from both Snipers Paradise and Snipers Hide...

I just need to know which one is the Organ Grinder and which one is the monkey....:roflmao:

So Dave, since you have the inside scoop.....How is US Optics faring in light of all their lawsuits......what are they 0 and 2 now.....or is it three.....:roflmao: Guess soon they will be 0 and 4


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> So Dave, since you have the inside scoop.....How is US Optics faring in light of all their lawsuits...... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You know Bruce, to be absolutely honest. I don't know.

I'm just buying scopes and the quality is still first class. I do nothing more that report on the projects I'm working on. Deliveries are about the same. I haven't really seen any difference in the company or the people.

Since we last talked I also purchased Shepherd and Burris scopes.

Burris builds a very nice little 3-9 Ballistics plex that I have on my Ruger 10/22 Magnum .17 HMR, with a street price of $220. This rifle has a very accurate Lilja .17 cal. drop in barrel which makes this a totally different animal.

The Shepherd is a .22 RFM version that I put on my Browning A-bolt in .22RFM. This scope has two reticles. One reticle is similar to the Ballistic-plex with 9 inch ranging circles and the other believe or not is a MOA scale. Really cool. So all my new scopes have one form or another of MOA ranging device.

I am now having a 7mm WSM built with a 1 in 10 twist Lilja 3 groove benchrest barrel. It is on a new Winchester action with an A-5 stock and that will use my USO/HORUS scope. Trigger is a Single stage Jewel match trigger with a 1 pound pull. This rifle will use 180 Berger 7mm VLDs with a BC of almost .700 at a velocity of about 2900fps. The ballistics calculations (ATRAG for PC) indicate that this thing will be able to get to 1000 yards with only 26 minutes of come up with a 100 yard zero and be virtually unaffected by wind(in relative terms of course). This is line 7 on a Horus reticle scope. This rifle is also capable of throwing a 7mm 100 grain Sierra Varmint bullet at almost 3500 fps, although I'm told that a continuous diet of these is not recommended for optimal barrel life.

That Horus H-25 reticle also has MOA ranging on the reticle. I have the complete system with weather sensor and ATRAG Palm. I shot prairie dogs with my .260 in a measured 18 mph cross wind and we were lighting them up at 300 yards with little trouble with a computed up wind hold of 3.2moa. That 18mph wind felt like a whole gale. It took the styrofoam cover from the cooler right out of the truck and blew it half a mile away in about five seconds.

My 3.2-17x44/58 with the above MOA reticle and with the .25 moa 90 click EREK knob (which is a new design) will go on a .17 HMR Cooper rifle, which is an extraordinarily accurate little rifle. I am having a custom picatinny extended rail built for that rifle as well. This new nob will get me 22 moa of adjustment which is more than enough to get the little .17 cal 17 grain pill to 300 yards which is about the practical limit for this cartridge in my opinion.

Now with respect to lawsuits, what they tell me, and this is the "inside stuff" is "our attorneys have advised us to not to comment on current litigation". Now you have been around enough to know that those comments are the standard answers. So the inside stuff that I have is the same as you, except you may know more from the other side.

PS: As you know, this post is representative of the kind of "horrendous stuff" that got me thrown off of Snipershide and Snipersparadise.

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