Information on Savage M110V?


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Dec 18, 2009
I had bought a Savage model 110V in 223 Rem. a few years back, and am looking for some info. on it. I was told that this piece was manufactured in the mid 80s for just a few short years chambered in 223 Rem. Most chamberings are in 22-250. I mounted a Nikon Monarch 4-12x42 w/ BDC reticle on it shortly after I purchased it, then ran Tubbs Final Finish bullets through it. All I can say is that it is amazingly accurate, shooting around .315" groups at 100 yards.
I just wish I could find a bit more information on manufacture dates, etc. Additionally, the stock is unique as well, having a oversized palm swell, and almost full length stippling. Photos are provided on thanks to fellow member, bowhunthard.
If anyone has any information on this gun, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Savage made a lot of 112 J actions back in about that time frame....Just cant remember if the 110Vs where right before or after the J action? At any rate they where great shooting guns WAY ahead of their time and every bit as good as a 40x IMHO. I think you can add 243 and 308 to the list of calibars too? In most cases little to no collector intrest as these where all pickt up cheaper than I can buy a target action for, Gotta luv that big palm swell though :cool:

I bought a 110 J Series in .308 Win. back in 95-96 timeframe. I got it from buddy in N.C. and it had a stock almost identical to yours, with the palm swell and full length stippling. It had a 24" heavy barrel and shot very well. I sold it to another buddy who has since moved back to California and I'm not sure where that rifle is now. JohnnyK.
Nice pieces MachV. I'll have to get some pics and add them to this post. I couldn't have asked for more from this rifle being that I only payed $175 for it. She shoots great. My next caliber is 25-06. Numrich Gun Parts has a barrel for my Rem. M-700 action for $68 bucks. It was pulled from another gun.

JohnnyK, you should have kept that 308 man! I am truly a Remington 700 action man, but this Savage has made a lot of stiff woodchucks in the past few years!
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