Info needed on bottom metal


Dec 16, 2009
Hi there, im building a remington 700 in 22-250 for a tactical style critter gitter. ive narrowed my choice of bottom metal down to the hs prescision detachable mag or the cdi mag system.. does anyone have these that is willing to share the pros and cons of the two. im worried about how tight they fit and do they ever have a problem functioning. thanks, marshall
I'm rather opinionated and set in my ways.

Big salt shaker required. . .

I've used LOTS (probably close to 100 when I worked for Nesika) of H/S detachable magazine floor metals. They work, the guns shoot fine, but I have to tell you that I personally cannot stand the dern things.

The floor metal is cast and it's intended for an H/S stock. A traditional hunting stock will quite often have to be windowed in order for the floor metal to marry up with the belly of the stock. It ends up with a presentation that I personally don't care for at all. For the guns I installed these in, I used an optical comparator and metrology software to map the outside contour of the part. With other floor metals I only had to do this once. With an H/S I had to do it with every one of them because they vary too much.

If being used in a slimline sporting stock its very easy to have the feed lips getting very close to the bolt when attempting to put the floor metal flush with the stock.

Last, I personally find a $200 plus dollar floor metal rather tacky when a rubber O ring is used to shim the bottom of the magazine to the floor metal.

IMHO there are better alternatives.

Hope this helped.

Well to be quite honest I haven't seen anything I really really like.

The Badger Ordnance product seems to work well but again i don't care for the cosmetics. It's very symmetrical and the machine work is well done, but I don't care for the overall astetics. It just looks "russian" to me.

That's a personal opinion and IN NO WAY am I bad mouthing the product's quality, functionality, or anything else.

Someday, time permitting I hope to start making my own. My goal is to offer a detachable magazine that gets mistaken for a hinged floor plate. I literally want it to look just like it. I think it'd be a neat product for a traditional sporting rifle.

For a "tacticool" application I would use the Sako TRG magazine. These are the same magazines Grunig/Elmiger (a BAD *** Swiss made 300 meter CISM/Free rifle manufacturer) uses in their line of competitive guns. Again the challenge is getting a floormetal to marry the stuff up to.

Too many ideas and only 24 hours on a clock.

I probably didn't help you at all did I?
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