In search of gunsmith.


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Jul 25, 2009
Salmon, Idaho
What I've got is a '98 Mauser that was passed on to me by my uncle. This is a rifle that he built back in '66 from a Santa Barbara action. He put on a Douglas barrel in 6.5 and chambered it for 6.5x55. I've got no idea how many rounds have been down that old tube, but I've heard stories from both my dad and uncle of going through 1000 rounds in the course of a weekend shooting jack rabbits in eastern Oregon. Needless to say, it's done, checked the throat last night with a Stoney point type gauge and even with the longest bullets (160grn RN) you can't come close to reaching the lands and have any part of the bullet in the neck of the cartridge. So, time for a new barrel. I think in the interest of maintaining a family heirloom I'd like to keep it as a 6.5x55 and standard sporter weight contour. I'd like to get everything done in one shop ie barrel contoured to match current, installed, chambered, headspaced, and blued to match receiver. Bottom metal will need blued too, the original alloy bottom metal was broken so I've inletted, contoured and polished a piece of military bottom metal. Could someone give me an idea of what this will cost? Barrel recomendations? Good gunsmith that stands behind his work?

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