In Need Of Help Getting Scope Lower


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Jul 24, 2009
I posted this as a follow-up on another thread about the actual rifle, but figured I might get more hits in this sub-forum. I have a Winchester Model 70 with a Farrell Ind 20MOA steel scope base, IOR VTAC 35mm low rings, and IOR Valdada 3-18X42mm scope. The gap under the scope seems excessive at the front and I will have to add some sort of cheekpiece to the stock so that I can get proper cheek weld. Are there any suggestions of alternate ring and/or base options that will lower the scope closer to the bore axis? Thanks.

Requisite photo to show the gap:
I have a farrell base on one of my rifles, they are a tall base and better served for 50mm+ scopes,try a NF base i have put one side by side with a farrell and they are lower.
Thats a sweet looking rifle, i don't think i would like to see a cheek piece on it either,take your base down to your local shop and compare, i am sure you will find one to bring it down.cheers mate.
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