IMR 4007 SSC Powder (all lots) being Recalled


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Oct 25, 2007
Tennessee, USA
Just saw today (2019-11-06) that IMR 4007 SSC has been recalled. Read more about it here:
Recall Notice: IMR 4007 SSC Powder

Excerpt: "On Monday, October 21st, 2019, IMR Legendary Powders announced a product safety warning and recall for IMR 4007 SSC smokeless powder. All lots of powder are included in the recall. IMR has received reports that this particular powder (sold in 1 pound and 8 pound containers) could become unstable due to possible rapid deterioration. Use of this product may result in combustion, fire damage and possible serious injury."
It's sad that a powder perfectly situated in the Hodgdon powder burn chart between Varget & H4350 had to be recalled. It worked perfectly in my 220 Swift giving me the best accuracy in my rifle with top velocities and low ES/SD. I hated to dispose of my last pound on the lawn but only did so because safety comes first. Now what is Hodgdon going to do about filling that nitch between Varget and H4350 on the burn chart? Are they going to give us an "EXTREME" Hodgdon replacement? I certainly hope and pray they do!
Definitely want to dump it....mine turned bad with strong odor and red dust on it. Had to pull down about 100 rounds as well.
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