I want to sew my own expensive clothing - Sitka, HECS, Duluth


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Aug 2, 2017
Colorado Springs
I bought a beginner's heavy duty sewing machine (Link), so that I could make my own chest holster (which would otherwise cost me $150; I'm making two, and they are turning out better than what I could otherwise buy). My wife allowed it, but feels I'm never going to use the sewing machine again. I want to prove her wrong!

I now want to make my own Sitka-inspired hunting layer clothing, HECS undergarments & balaclava, and possibly other casual Duluth-inspired clothing. Doing so, I think I'm going to save a LOT of $$$$.

...just wondering if anyone knows of good places to buy fabric and patterns. Thanks in advance.

p.s., this has actually been fun to do, and I recommend others of you giving it a try. Plus it saves money and you can make it according to your own custom specifications (e.g. accessories or having the same pattern for your clothing as your gun stock.)
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Making an Eberlestock-inspired pack, and rifle stock pack are other projects I'd like to do. Those may be more difficult to find patterns for.
Friend of mine made alot of smaller stuff.Would be good to start,gaiters if you need them
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