I got a good one


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Aug 16, 2013
Stevensville MT
I was finally able to take my brand new DPMS GII hunter out to shoot it yesterday.
I was using a thrown together unproven round consisting of a cci#34 primer, 48.4 grains of CFE223 and a mollied 150grn fmj.

It took me a couple shots to get it near the center of the target.

I started to shoot 5 round groups with the ammo described above and the rifle shot very well.
I still need to shoot more break in rounds and then I will start to work ladders.

I feel that the rifle, properly broken in will be a shooter.

It will be a while before I start the ladders and I will update with a range report.

If you guys are on the fence about this breed of rifle, I would say buy it as soon as possible.

I got a good one and I hope everyone who buys one of these rifles gets a good one also.

The reason I bought this rifle is because my son bought one and I wanted one really bad. If mine shoots as well as my sons, Watch out anything that is legal to shoot.