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Apr 29, 2012
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Berger is making them.

The first part of the Ojive, where the bullet engages the lands is a tangent Ojive then the second part forward of where the lands contacts the bullet is secant Ojive (VLD).

It effectively takes care of the issue that the VLD's had with being sensitive to seating depth, that's the intention behind it any way, and from what I've seen with my loads it works very well.

Towards the bottom of the page
http://www.bergerbullets.com/Information/Lines and Designs.html



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Dec 12, 2005
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To further confuse the OP...there are four kinds of hybrids made by Berger:

Match Hybrid OTM Tactical, match hybrid target, match grade classic hunter and match grade elite hunter

The tactical and target are not for hunting BUT they are used successfully for hunting by members here.

The classic hunter and elite hunter have thinner jackets in the bearing surface area making them open up better with similar performance to the hunting VLDs.

THEN there is the shape of the tactical and classic which are designed to fit better in magazines so they are shorter and "blunter" than the target and elite bullets. Tactical and classic have lower BCs due to their shape but still have decent BCs. The target and elite have some of the highest BCs made by Berger, they have higher BCs than their VLD counterparts. The 6mm 105 match hybrid target has a higher BC than the 115 gr Match VLD Target! .547 vs .545