HUSKEMAW OPTICS looking for user experienced feedback

Their 1/3 MOA is actually MIL adjustments .36" at 100 yards on the few I've seen.

They have been reliable with OK glass, not a bad option.

I just got a Trijicon credo HX 2.5-15x42 that checks most of my boxes but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.
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I have owned two of them both have taken a beating and perform well one went back for repairs several years back and no repairs were made they simply sent me a new scope they both came from best of the west The glass is not the best out there but at their price point it is better then what I expected The scope failure was not equipment malfunction it was dropped from horseback and landed on a large rock and they replaced it no questions asked what more could you ask for
I have been using a 3-12 for 3 years now. seen thousands of miles of nevada backroads bounced and banged all over. So far its been great. it tracked exactly when I put it in my scope testing fixture. the adjustments are actually 1/10th mil BTW not 1/3 MOA, its really all the scope a long range hunter ever needs. The glass is better than I think alot of people give it credit for. mine is better than my older nightforce NXS compact. better than my elite 4200 not as good as my ziess v4. basically the glass will exceed any use I could imagine you using it for. highly recommend. here is a review.
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