Howdy from Utah!

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    May 14, 2007
    I have been a member for about six years, but I had not really posted until recently with my new acquisition. I am in Utah and hunt deer and elk with as much fishing as I can.
    I just picked up a model 16 Bear Hunter Savage in 300 WSM and now that I actually have something that is accurate I am more interested in going longer. I also just started reloading about 6 months ago, so like it or not, I think that I am here to stay. Here are from last two trips to the range, the glass is a 5-20x44 BDC Monarch. Accubond was the most accurate pattern at 0.4 and Berger at .46 both with Winchester 760 powder. It has been the most accurate and much easier to measure than all of the extruded ones that I have.

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    Welcome aboard!

    U have a great start. Start stretching it out a bit. That's when things start gettin' 'pensive. :D. Bet u already knew that from lurking. :)