How to Shoot Beyond Belief Three-DVD Set

Jeff W.

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Dec 19, 2007
Looking to purchase a good intructional DVD on LRH. I noted on Cabela's website that they offer the "How to Shoot Beyond Belief Three-DVD Set" for $79.99. I was wondering if anyone has this DVD set and what they thought of the content? Also, do you recommend another LRH instructional DVD? I want to spend my dollars wisely.

The DVD set is a very good starting place. John Burns offers plenty of information on equipment and explains very well the how and why of ballistics, basic but very good. It covers practice sessions, sight in tips, trajectory validation, handloading, wind drift, drop compensation, etc.

It also teaches you how to adjust a Remington 700 trigger and how to glass bed a rifle, that alone is worth the money you pay for the DVD's.

Hope that helps.

I learned quite a bit from this video.being a beginner it was pretty in depth the first time i watched,but the more i watch the more i understand.gun)
Thanks for the great feedback. I'd also like your comments on Shawn Carlock's Defensive Edge DVD's. Please note that I'm not asking if you like John Burns better than Shawn Carlock. I'm simply wondering if you think Shawn's DVD's contain valuble information like John's.

Thanks again.
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