How to draw for WY doe-only tags


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Jan 22, 2012
Hi Guys:

I did a WY antelope hunt this year. All 3 of us in our group put in for special- any antelope tags and drew our units. We all harvested our animals.

Now, for next year, another friend would like to go to WY on doe tags.

I'm not sure how this that also a draw? Do you need to put like the any-antelope tags? I can't seem to find any information on their website about how to draw for doe-only tags. None of us will be putting in for any-antelope tags.

3 of us will be going, so we would probably want 2 or 3 doe tags a piece for a week's hunt.

You apply just like you did for the buck tag but apply for doe tags. Type 6 are the std doe tags, type 7 are generally for sub areas within the unit.
The NR app booklet "kind of" explains it. After the draw, you can buy two more doe tags in the left over draw, but it's a first come first served sale.
Thanks, Bob. So if I understand this right I apply for a doe only tag just like a regular tag, then after I draw my tag I can buy up to 2 more over the counter? That would mean a max of 3 doe only tags per person?

I assume also that there are no preference points taken into consideration and you can apply as a party just like the any-antelope drawings?
You can apply for 2 tags in the drawing and buy 2 more leftovers after the drawing when they go on sale in July, but you may have to apply for a couple different units to shoot that many. Some units that have a lot of goats allow 4 does to be taken in a single unit.
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