How often do you anneal your brass?

I use a Bench Source Vertex Annealer after the third firing. I have not seen any difference in MV before the 4th shot. Other shooters use various annealing patterns that suites their style of shooting. You just have to set your own standard and go with it.
Well I’m gonna start. I have some 300RUM brass after one and two firings getting split necks. I was getting split necks on my 7RUM on one firing and they aren’t over pressure. So in order to save from getting split necks I’ll have to I guess. I’ve fired factory rounds with no split necks.
That’s my point. Years ago I had a couple of Weatherby rounds that would have split necks after one or two firings. Ironically, I would work the brass (without annealing) and they would be fine and after loading them and sitting for a couple of months the necks would split. Again this was years ago and I started annealing after every firing and haven’t had a split neck since. Brass life is now ten plus firings and consistency is exceptional.
I guess if you had to turn necks to chamber a
loaded round and you were running almost zero neck tension as a lot of bench-rest shooters do… you’d probably wear out the primer pockets before splitting a neck. But for hard hitting magnums in chambers with lots of clearance for brass to move and work harden there is value in annealing. I was throwing away a lot of brass with split necks in my 7STW, 264 WinMag until i started annealing 13yrs ago. I like the way feels going through the dies, can’t explain it though. So now I anneal all my rifle brass. Even brass I’ve had 30+ years without annealing 100s of 222 and 220swift I bought back in the 80s. I took a day off work and ran them all through the flame. Doesn’t shoot better groups though, at least not that I can tell.
Every time, it’s step one of my brass prep process. I shoot only the best brass I can find, so if Lapua makes it in the caliber I’m loading I buy it. If not then it’s Peterson, Alpha, Norma, and ADG, I like lake city for 556 and so far hornady is the only source of brass head stamped 6ARC and currently you have to buy loaded ammo to get it (Hurry Up Peterson we’re waiting).

know I can make it last up to 15 or 20 reloads if I don’t load to maximum Charges and I anneal. When I get back from practice or a match I dump my brass into a large bin. I hate brass prep so i Put it off till I run out of prepped brass to load. I’ll dump it out, sort by caliber and flame anneal in large batches. Then pin wash, dry, resize, mandrel expand, trim, chamfer, and prime. Then I store them in 100rnd ammo boxes. When I need ammo i pull a box of brass and a box of bullets off the shelf, throw the powder and seat bullets.
Not that I know anything but my gunsmith has told me that you should load within 48 hours from sizing your brass. He said it will spring back if you don't.
Every third firing. It's not needed for each firing unless you just want cool looking brass. Over 40 years of doing this stuff. Lots of minutiae stuff is unnecessary. Just trim to length when needed You don't even have to polish or tumble it. Having scratched cases has no effect on accuracy. Just don't let it get to nasty. Tumble on third firing and anneal. Repeat the process.