Hornady SST's Shooting Lower than Federal's


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Mar 16, 2009
I was just trying out some new ammo. Could anyone explain to me why a 300 win mag sighted in at 200 yards with 180 grain Federal Ammo
(Cheap soft point wal-mart) would place 180 Grain Hornady SST's 2 inches lower at the same distance?

I would have thought the SST's would have been shooting higher if anything.
Krp is correct. It's a point of aim shift more than likely. You really won't know which one shoots flatter unless you finely zero each for 100 yards, then shoot at 300 or more and actually very drop from the zero of each. You could chronograph each load and plug the b.c. and velocity into a ballistic calculator and have an idea. The velocity printed on the ammo boxes are regularly different from what the chronograph will measure.
Most bullets have different points of impact due to different bearing surfaces and barrel harmonics.

Example: my 7mm-08 sighted at 100 yds with the 139gr SST, when I shoot the 120gr Ballistic Tip it impacts about 6" to the left.

But for example the Ballistic Tip and the Accubond of same weight tend to have the same POI when loads identical; even though internally that are not the same.