Hornady SST on whitetail


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Jan 7, 2010
Central Maine
Looking for any "real life" feedback on this bullets performance on whitetail at any range 10-600yds.

I'll be starting with the 140gr offering in my 264 Win. Mag. and if feedback is good (and I can make a load work) I plan to try their 129gr.

in my 300wm with 180 it is explosive when bone is encountered i truly believe the nosler bt holds together better
I've shot the 140s in a 6.5-284 at 2950ish, never had a problem with them. Most of my shots were broadside and damage was sufficient but not "total carnage". Did hit one in the spine and even that one I wouldn't consider explosive. I will say that most of the deer I shot with the SST were dead or down right there, not much tracking needed.

Between myself and friends I reload for I have first hand experience with the SST's in calibers from 243 to 300RUM. To the best of my recollection at least 8 deer and 6 elk killed by my crew with this bullet. No complaints.

Two of the elk were hit broadside a little far back and missed the lungs, however the SST inflicted enough internal trama, both elk went less than 100 yards before laying down.

The SST gives a strong combination of penetration and tissue damage. Not too tough to open up a serious wound channel, and not too fragile to overly limit penetration.

The SST has a good ballistic profile and the number one reason it is one of our preferred bullets is accuracy. The .30 cal SST's will give match bullets a run for the money.
Hey BIG THANKS everyone!
I went with the SST because it seems to have a little of everything from the BC of the Ballistic Tip to the Interlocking ring without the expense of going with a Bonded bullet. Glad to hear it seems to hold thing together ok in case I hit bone as I'll be shooting between 2900-3300 with the 140's.
Any other reccomendations are welcome...I've shot and had great success with the Combined Tech. Ballistic Tips in 168gr for my 30caliber but thought combo of speed and lighter bullet might invite breakup with the Ballistic Tips.
I have used it in a 7mm wsm and 260 rem. The 7mm I used the 150 gr maybe 154gr cant remember, on a mule deer at 369 yards it hit square on a rib bone the jacket was found on the off side under the skin. Good wound channel alot of blood shot in the meat. the 260 i used the 129 gr it worked most excellent complete penetration on all animals shot with this bullet,from 70-200 yards.

I use a 180 grain SST With a muzzle velocity of 3025 fps from my model 12 savage. I have taken about 10 deer with this combo. The most devastating was a buck @125yards. The bullet hit the onside shoulder, Then the rib cage, and imbedded on the offside ribcage. The lungs and heart were turned to pudding. Excellent bullet for medium size game, but would not use it personally for large game.
The deer I shot was headed toward me but his head was turned 90 degrees to his left somewhere between 50 and 75 yards away.
The 30 Caliber 150 grain SST bullet hit just left of his right leg which was a little far back at very close to 3000 fps.
The bullet centered a rib, continued through one lung, liver, stomach, intestines, and exited through the ham. Actually the jacket was recover inside the hide next to the ham but the core exited.

I decided to switch to the 150 grain Accubond and have yet to recover a bullet or jacket from any animal.


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