holy chow did you see that?


Aug 17, 2001
I took three ultra short range hunteres pidgeion hunting this eveing. we all met
at acoffe shope and I briefed them on the
farm location and all of is points of concern
ie,shoot and no shoot zones where livestock
and pets would be and also what we could and could not shoot. As I have hunted and helped out on this farm for 13 years a simple wave
to the land owner and I am always greated
with a smile and a node of aprovel. On this
hunt we were targeting the many pidgeions
that inhabitied the farm and as the farmer also colected atique farm machinere this was a well neaded hunt(bird [email protected]#$ is hard on colectibles aparently).
The three gents that atended the shoot were
short rang hunters(read shotguneres)and all
but one had no prior exp. in long range short
range or any accuracy form of rifle shooting
the one that did had a profeshional background,emergency responce tac police.
As we unloaded and geared up we went over
the plans again and this time it went alot
faster as every one was able to put a place to a picture. When we were ready I felt eyes
all over me in antisapation as to what kind
of firearm I would be using and as I unloaded
a funny looking,black, bow like case from my
Blazer I informed them that I would be acting as spotter on the first half of our
shoot and I would have my turn later

Well as we neared the barn the order of make
ready so to speak and the birds about 40 of
them seamed as anxious as my comrades and as aproched the magic 40 yard line thay started to lift and as every one was safley in position the fire order was given.
After 9 quick reports from 12 guage shotguns echoed the barn yard, 5 pigeons had the wind knocked out of their sails and one had a broken rudder/who's ship was quickly sunk with a tenth round. After all this noise there wasn't a pigeon to be found. We calmly picked up our birds as one of the gents asked me if I thought the birds would be back. I answered "If you were a pigeon would you be back!" lol...He answered "No I'd be away from here hiding". I asked him to follow me were we proceeded to the loft of the barn. Through a hole we could see that the birds that they had not killed were feeding contently on a nearby (412 yards) field with a conveniant backstop
I then packed my rifle (a Remington mod. 700 Police in .223) After a short ewe and awe sesion I dug in the side pocket of my funny looking pack and out came a pair of binos, and big eyes with legs. I then assigned spotters and readied the gun. At the report the first bird turned inside out the other birds not hearing the report continued feeding. This really amazed the gents. I repeated this scenario 3 more times and after making scope corrections to eliminate holdover and a brief intro to the firearm all three had a chance. Needless to say my local group of long range hunters has just gone up by three. P.S the one thing that astounded them the most was the visible vapour trail connecting with the target.

Show them the path and they will follow
Let them lead and they will learn

I had some shooters out the other day they had never shot much over 100 yds. But after I shot a pop can 3 for 3 at 400 they all wanted to try. Seeing is beliveing.
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